July RE Report

Posted on July 26th, 2018

It’s been a few months since my last report, a lot has happened, and there is a lot coming up…

On Memorial Day weekend, Atlanta Region co-hosted (along with North Carolina Region and South Carolina Region) a Time Trials event at Carolina Motorsports Park. This was a primer event to test the classing and format that will be used at the Time Trials Nationals at the end of September at the National Corvette Museum track.

Was it successful? Absolutely! Everyone had a good time; great fellowship in the paddock along with intense competition as the weekend progressed. I was there in a coaching role and was dying that I wasn’t driving. I intend to correct that next year.

By the time you read this, the Hazel Harrell Memorial July Fry race will be starting at Road Atlanta. Preparations are underway for Atlanta Region’s part in supporting the Petit LeMans in October as well as the ARRC in November.

The first weekend of August brings our next road rally – this one starting in Gainesville and ending at a drive-in theater in Tiger, GA. Rally Chairman promises an easy rally ending with a night at the movies.
And of course, Team Solo is still holding great events at Atlanta Motor Speedway – I promise I’ll try to make it to an event before the season is over.

As I’m writing this, the runoff elections in Georgia have just been completed and I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about elections. Not so fast – we have elections for leadership roles in Atlanta Region SCCA as well.
The region bylaws describe the election process; the Regional Executive – along with a slate that includes the Assistant RE, Secretary, and Treasurer – has a one-year term. The Board of Directors consists of six directors – two with one-year terms, the remaining four have two-year terms that rotate so that two of the four positions are open each year.

Ideally, we should have multiple candidates for each open position every year. However, that has not happened much in the last several years as we often get the minimum number of candidates submitting nominations. The result is that many of the same members serve on the board for several years.

There’s a lot to be said for continuity and institutional knowledge for any organization. But there’s a lot more to be said for new faces in the room and fresh ideas.
What exactly does the leadership group of Atlanta Region do? As with any organization, there is a need for governance and managing the region’s business. That can be a mundane task, and I’ll be honest – it takes a lot of time and commitment to serve.

But there is a side benefit to serving on the board of directors – it can be a great addition to your resume.

I would have never thought that to be the case, but when I left a previous job after 25 years, I was working with a career transition counselor who asked me what kind of activities I enjoyed. When I described SCCA, he simply said “You need to add that to your resume. It’s unique and it will grab the attention of employers.” And he was right, recruiters noticed it and the subject came up in interviews. I don’t know for sure it that’s what landed my next job, but I like to think so.

Now that I’ve given you a reason to step up to a leadership role, how does it work? The process is described in detail in our bylaws (http://www.atlantascca.com/Files/cabinet/atlanta-region-scca-bylaws-20150301.pdf) but here is the short version.
The nominations occur during the October membership meeting. To be eligible to serve on the board, one must be an Atlanta Region SCCA member for at least one year at the time of nomination. Any member may make nominations for Regional Executive or Director. Nominations are made in writing and must include the position and signed by both the person making the nomination and the candidate along with membership numbers for both. Nominations may be made via postal service, email, or in person to the Secretary prior to and no later than the close of the October meeting.

I’d like to fill up the room when we meet in October; you can make that happen.

That’s all for now, thanks for all that you do for Atlanta Region. As always, I’m interested in hearing from you.

Bob Hudson, Regional Executive



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